Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Very Beginning

Sunday, Day 1:

I ran for the "first" time today.  I write it like that because I have ran quite a few times before today, but today is the first day of my training schedule.  I have to say that I was overly excited about the run and I think that is because I was more looking forward to posting on here than I was the actual run.  

As promised, here are pictures of me:

I can't say that I am super proud of the pictures; however, they are not too terrible considering what I used to look like.  Plus, this is just the beginning of my training so I wouldn't expect that I would look flawless either.

While I was running today I decided to add a few other notes to the categories that I thought would be interesting to note in the long run.  I am going to add the time of day that I am running and my song of choice.  I think it would be interesting to see if I tend to use the same songs for running or if it varies over time and if the time of day makes a difference in how quickly I run.  We will have to see!

So here is my notes for today:
Distance: 2 Miles
Time: 23 minutes 25 seconds
Average Speed: 5.3 mph
Winded (scale 1-10): 6
Any Painful Spots: My right rib cage, left knee, stomach (to the right of my belly button) and a headache that developed about a quarter mile in
Calories Burned: 243.8
Song of Choice: Rumor Has It by Adele
Time of Day: 11:30am
Goals for This Week: I have been stuck at 170lbs for about 3 weeks now at Weight Watchers and I would really like to break that barrier.

Additional Notes: I believe I was extremely dehydrated when I was running today which could have caused the headache.  It should also be noted that I feel like I am developing a little bit of a cold, which could have contributed to me feeling more out of breath.  

Tomorrow is a day of rest for me so I probably wont have a post, so until then have a wonderful start to your week!

Over and out.

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