Tuesday, May 15, 2012

85 Degrees & Sunny

Hey All! So as you can see, I did end up taking Sunday & Monday off for rest days.  Luckily the pain in my shins has died down a bit and I was able to run today.  I think I am a little crazy for doing this but I decided to go running outside today.  When I left my house to run it was 85 degrees out, but I didn't care all too much because I am in desperate need of sun and I loved every moment being outside.

Because I missed the picture on Sunday, here is my "Sunday" picture.  This one was taken this evening:
You will have to ignore the socks I am wearing.  They are specifically designed for running and allow the arch and other areas to breath while providing padding for the heel and ball of the foot.  I am not seeing too much of a difference in my body from three weeks ago except maybe a little bit in my face.  

I also just noticed that I never posted about my weigh in last week at Weight Watchers.  I was down a half pound! It's not much but it is something! I have literally been stuck between 170-171 for 5 weeks now and it is driving me absolutely nuts.  I seriously hope when I weigh in tomorrow that I can break the 170 lb barrier. 

Today while I was at work I started looking around for apps that could help me with running and I found this app called map.my.run.  This thing is absolutely amazing! It uses GPS to track how far you have ran and at what speed you were running it.  It also announces every.single.mile how far you've ran and how long you've been running and you can play your music right through the program.  Another cool feature about this app is it actually maps where you went.  This will come in handy later on when I need to run a specific distance and I can pull up a map that meets the distance criteria.  If you are interested in checking out this app check out here is the website: www.mapmyrun.com.   It seriously is pretty awesome.  I would post my map from today's run, but it starts literally at my house and that's a little too personal of information to post here.

Anyway, addressing the issues of my shin splints.  Today sucked.  I was in a ton of pain and there is nothing I can do about it.  I just keep icing my legs and taking ibuprofen to reduce some of the swelling around my shins.  If the pain keeps up too much longer I am going to have to go to the doctor and see what I will need to go.  Giving up is not going to be an option for me.  Because my shins were aching again today, I was not able to run as fast as I would liked to and because of this my time is absolutely horrendous.  But that is okay, I gotta commend myself for even going out to run.

Here are my stats for today's run:
Distance: 2.5 Miles
Time: 32.36
Average Speed: 4mph
Winded (scale 1-10): 5 because I walked a lot from my shins
Time of Day: 3:15pm
Calories Burned: 232
Any Painful Spots: SHINS.  And my left knee which I think is a result of me favoring my shins. 

Additional Notes: During my run I stopped to take a phone call from my husband and the clock/pace was still running so I lost about 2 minutes of time on today's run.  I wasn't able to go very fast, and that is okay.

Well, I am off to work on a project for a bridal shower I am hosting on Saturday! 
Thanks for checking in.

Over and Out.

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