Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Opposite of Loneliness

Hey all! I hope all is going well with you and that you are enjoying this wonderful day.  

I am sure that you are wondering why I titled this blog the way I did and here's why:  Click Me!  I read about this article while checking up on what is quickly becoming my favorite daily read, PBfingers.  In her blog post PBfingers says in response to Marina Keegan's article, "I want to spend time with my loved ones. I want to laugh with my husband every day. I want to explore and share. I want to be challenged and excited.
I want to always remember the fun times in my past, but continue to have fun in my future. I want to believe that the best years of my life occurred in the past, but will also occur in the future."

Keegan and PBfingers definitely grabbed my attention today.  It is so hard to believe that such a brilliant young woman died at such a young age, but her death and her wonderful article reminded me to Carpe Diem, and reminded me that even though life can seem very loneli at times, there is always someone out there going through the exact same thing.  Life is way too important to be worrying about what everyone else thinks; rather, we should be focusing on what makes us happy and what will be the most memorable.

Thank you Marina Keegan for giving me a firm slap in the face to stop worrying and to seize my life and live it to it's fullest.  And thank you PBfingers for sharing the article and for your wise words that the best days of our lives are not just in the past, but are in the future.

On that inspiring note, I did get my run in for the day! I was a little worried that the run would really agitate my throat and that I would end up coughing, but overall it went pretty well.  I am glad to report that out of the 3 miles that I needed to do today, all 3 were completed and only 1/4 mile of those 3 were spent walking.  Not to mention that majority of the pain in my legs is gone.  Yay!

As an interesting note, I figured out that I am less likely to experience any pain if I just kept running.  The pain in my foot only began only when I started to walk (hence the 1/4 mile walking for the whole run) and it was actually more motivating to just keep running.  I am hoping that for tomorrow's run, I can keep running as far as I did today.

Anyway, here are my notes for today:
Time:  33:22
Distance: 3 Miles
Calories Burned: 374.0
Average Speed: 5.4 mph
Any Painful Spots: Right rib cage, right foot
Song of Choice: Unwritten by Natasha Beddingfield
Winded (scale 1-10): 8 because of the cold
Time of Day: 3:30 pm

Additional Notes: I am really hoping that I am down for Weight Watchers tomorrow.  I will not be surprised if I am not, but one can hope right?

Well, I am off to catch up on Revenge since I am a few weeks behind!

Over and Out.

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