Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Second Run, 2 Times Harder

I had my second run today and even though it was the same length as the last one, it definitely felt twice as hard.  I started with my typical 5 minute warm up and by the time that was done my calves were on FIRE.  I seriously felt like I couldn't bend my leg at the ankle.  
Which I'm guessing that means that I worked pretty hard on Sunday.  So I faced a little disappointment when I wasn't able to at least meet the time that I had hit when I ran on Sunday.

But such is life.  

On a more exciting note, my husband bought me a new bike for my birthday on the 12th and I cannot be any more excited! I had a bike when I was in college but someone borrowed it without my permission and it was broken... (No they did not offer to fix it).  So As part of him encouraging my hard work he got me a bike that I can ride to and from the gym.  Also, my newest goal will be to ride the 7 miles to Weight Watchers every Wednesday that I can.  I can't wait!

This is my new bike!
Once I get a lock for my new bike, I will definitely have to start riding it everywhere!

Anyway! Here are my notes from today's run:
Distance: 2 Miles
Time: 23 minutes 20 seconds
Average Speed: 5.1 mph
Winded (scale 1-10):9
Any Painful Spots: My Calves! And a small pain in my belly above the belly button
Calories Burned: 238.7
Song of Choice: Nothing in particular caught me today.  Just a bunch of random songs on my "Running Music" playlist.
Time of Day:4:30 p.m.

Additional Notes: Today was rather stressful.  A lot happened at work and I felt constantly behind all day.  I am not sure if this could contribute to my difficulty with the run, but I felt it should be noted!

Thanks for checking in and try to enjoy your "Hump Day" tomorrow!

Over and Out.

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