Monday, May 7, 2012

Who Knew Walking Could Be So Hard?

Hey All! So it is very obvious that I missed my post and run yesterday (oops), but here I am today to get my butt back in gear! Visiting Grand Rapids was amazing and it definitely gave me the relaxation that I was so desperately needing.

Yesterday I was supposed to do a 2.5 mile easy run and I really was not up to it.  So to make up for my lack of motivation, I went to the gym today to do my "easy run".  Who would have known that an "easy run" was harder on my legs than I ever expected it would be.  By the time I had gotten a mile into my "easy run" I had to actually run at 6.0mph.  That was such a weird feeling.  I never imagined that I would be going "too slow" for me.  

Anyway, as promised, here is my weekly picture.  This picture was actually taken yesterday afternoon to make sure there is consistency.  

I can't really see much of a difference between last week's and this week's which is okay.  I wasn't expecting a change overnight. 

Here are the notes from today:
Distance: 2.5 miles
Time: 35:10
Average Speed: 4.2
 Calories Burned: 271.5
Winded (scale 1-10): 3
Any Painful Spots: my calves again and this painful spot in my foot.  If it doesn't go away I am not sure what I am going to do
Song of Choice: "Pjanoo" by Eric Prydz

Additional Notes: Today is not a normal running day but I needed to make up for not running yesterday.  I am hoping that my feet will stop aching soon.

I will have an actual running post tomorrow and I am grateful that I will actually be running and not doing an "easy run".  

I hope everyone didn't have too much Monday Madness! I know that I did.  See you tomorrow.

Over and Out.

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