Monday, July 2, 2012

Holy Cannoli

Hey All! So I must apologize for me absence the last 5 days! Overwhelming does not even begin to cover how crazy the last 5 days were, but I am glad I was keeping busy!

Unfortunately, I have not gotten a run in since my last post and did not even realize that I had a scheduled run for this afternoon.  Last Thursday after work I had originally planned on going for a run, but to my avail I fell asleep when I got home.  After my nap, I headed out with my friend to get the supplies for making her wedding ceremony programs.  We worked on those until about 10p.m. and I headed quickly to bed from sheer exhaustion.

Friday I had work again, which was rather slow, but after work Justin and I headed up to the wonderful Frankenmuth, MI to have dinner with some of his family members that were visiting from Pennsylvania.  We headed out to the Frankenmuth Brewery for a quick dinner and the food was delicious!
I ended up with a turkey burger and fries for dinner and it was WONDERFUL! I haven't had french fries in what feels like a very long time, so it was a nice treat for sure.

Saturday morning Justin and I got up early and drove down to Chicago to visit the other side of his family for his cousin's wedding reception.  They got married in the Grand Caymans back in February, so they had a wedding reception back in the states a few months later for everyone not able to attend the actual wedding in the Grand Caymans.  Their reception was at a place called South Branch Tavern and it was a pretty neat place! We had Chicago style pizza and hot dogs for dinner (which I thought was pretty awesome) and we danced the night away.

The last picture is of me and Justin's grandma! She is so special to me and I love her so much :)

Sunday morning we got up early and headed back to Michigan to get to a family picnic on my side of the family.  What a nice break it was, but we were SO tired from all of the driving! We got to see my aunt and uncle who were in from Albuquerque, N.M. and were able to catch up with them!Sunday evening we got home and basically went to sleep! I haven't gone to bed that early in I do not know how long!

This past weekend was definitely busy to say the very least, but it was wonderful spending so much time with the families that we love so dearly! Tomorrow I will be getting back on track for running by going for a run in the morning before I head up north with my best friend! I am hoping that I can post while I am up there, but just in case, I might not be back on until Thursday night!

I hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July!

Over and Out.

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