Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I am sure you are wondering what MAIOP (pronounced my-op) is, right? Well, it stands for Michigan Association of Industrial and Organizational Psychologists and you are looking at the newest member!
Per the recommendation of my advisor at Wayne State, the entire class of first years went to a Fall membership meeting of MAIOP.  The evening consisted of a delicious dinner prepared by the Sheraton Hotel of Novi, MI and a speech from Dr. Neal Schmitt. 
 This is almost the entire first year class! We are just one person short because he misunderstood where the meeting was taking place. From left to right we have Gee, Dierdre, Sara, Stephanie, Me, Travis and Tony. 

For this picture we have all of the students plus two of the professors from the program.  The gentleman in the tan jacket is Dr. Lichtman.  He is my advisor and the one the encouraged us to be a part of MAIOP. 
The speech by Dr. Neal Schmitt was pretty interesting.  He talked about the effectiveness of organizations' selection procedures and how they relate to subgroup employment and applicant reactions and behaviors.  Or in laymen's terms: how a company selects their employees can determine how effective the company is.  If you are interested in reading any more of his research, feel free to check it out!

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