Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tea and Crumpets

It is definitely fall in Michigan!
Look how beautiful these trees are! My Saturday started with breakfast with my mom at this little place called The Stuffed Bun.  My mom had never been there before, so I took her out to breakfast to try their yummy food! We both got pancakes and split the hashbrowns.  Their portions are HUGE, I really need to start sharing meals when I go there.

After breakfast with my mom, I headed home to get changed to go have tea.  If you can remember from the bridal shower I hosted back in May, we had tea at the Holly Hotel located in Holly, MI.  Our professor, Mrs. Reddick, had to miss the shower due to a cruise.  She was so disappointed she could not have tea at the Holly Hotel with us, that she planned another trip for her, Wendy and I to go back for an afternoon tea.

 For lunch, we were served a wonderful chicken pastry that I devoured in about five minutes.  It was so interesting to have a mix of the sweet on top with the raspberry and a bitter with the broccoli inside of the pasty itself. 
 For dessert, we were served a decadent chocolate brownie (the triangle), a lemon bar meringue bar with a raspberry sauce on top and a bar that was VERY delicious.  I made sure to take my time eating the dessert because of how wonderful it tasted.

After tea, I headed home for a relaxing evening with Justin.  It was nice to just relax and spend some much needed time with him.

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