Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Christmas 2012 Binder

Hello Everyone! I hope you are continuing to have a wonderful Tuesday! 

I thought I would share my Christmas 2012 Binder with you all since I know that we are getting down to the wire and everyone is getting ready to start their shopping and planning (if you have not already). 

This is the front of my binder.  I thought it was cute with the turquoise, red and green and I had originally wanted our Christmas cards to be themed those colors, but that changed very quickly.

For my organization system I just put tabs with pockets in them so I could keep all of the necessary documents filed and keep them from getting bent and disorderly.  My tabs are ordered as such:

  • Calendar
  • Gifts
  • Handmade
  • Shopping
  • Cards
  • Storage
  • Wrapping (You can not see this tab, but it is in there!)
Calendar Tab
  • Calendar for September, October, November and December

  •  Master to-do list
  • Budget Worksheet
  • Baking Planner
    • I made sure to print all recipes that sounded good and file them behind the baking planner section of the 
    • This is fun for keeping record because next year I can go back and grab the recipe again
  • Family Traditions

 Gifts Tab:
  • Christmas Gift Ideas
    • This is where I started brainstorming my ideas for everyone and how much I thought it was going to costs for each person
    • If I really liked an item, I printed it off and dropped it in the pocket folder
    • I also printed receipts for all the gifts I have purchased 

Handmade Tab:
  • Handmade Gifts
    • I tend to find my gift ideas from Pinterest, so if I liked the idea, I printed it and dropped it into the pocket folder
    • Two of the gifts are turning out super cute so far! I can't wait to share the finished project with you all!
  • Gift List
**Edited out names for personal purposes**
Shopping Tab
  • Black Friday Shopping List
  • Christmas Shopping List
  • Christmas Card Worksheet
  • Christmas Card Mailing List 
    • The printables I used had a form specifically for this, but I ended up just typing my names into excel to save me the hassle of handwriting them all out
    • However, next year I will probably hand write them for my records


  • Christmas Decor Storage
  • Christmas Decor Inventory
    • both of these items are empty because I have not started decorating yet for Christmas
    • Once I get my decorations out, I will take inventory of everything
    • This will make packing that much easier come January

  • This tab just has little printouts of tags for gifts
  • Once I buy wrapping paper, I will cut a piece out for each person so I can remember what paper belongs to whom

So that is my Christmas binder! So far it has been really great to have a catch-all for all of the Christmas things I have purchased.  I hope to have all of my Christmas shopping completed before December, but we will see what happens! Thanks for stopping by!

Do you like what you see? Good! You can print the same documents off here!

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  1. Hi! I was wondering how you made the cover, I am making the same thing but for Easter and I was wondering what program/app you used to make it.


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