Monday, November 12, 2012

I Exercised My Rights, Did You?

Hello Everyone! 

Last Tuesday, Justin and I were both able to be home for the day, so took advantage of the day off and spend the morning looking for a new place to live.  Luckily by this point, we had narrowed it down to two places and our plan was to go look at each of them and then make a decision.

The first place is called The Boulevard.  It's right up the road from where we are, much larger square footage, and it two full bathrooms.  I loved the layout and I loved the fact that all the walls are double concreted in order to reduce the noise of the neighbors.  The lady at the office, Jan, was super friendly and took her time with us explaining all the details of the cost and the area.

The second place was called Heritage Place.  This location is very similar to the one we are in now.  However, the viewing experience was terrible.  We had a very hard time finding the office to begin with, and once we arrived, the place looked very run down.  Upon entering the office, we were hit with a very strong smell of cigarette smoke coming from the contractors standing right inside the door.  The manager told us to sit and we were unable to because the contractors were literally leaning on the chairs... Rather disappointing. The unit itself was not too terrible; however, the living room was significantly smaller than in the place we have now, and the rent was way higher.

So just by reading this, can you tell which way we went? Correct! We went with The Boulevard!
We applied to rent a two bedroom, two bath unit and are waiting to hear back as to whether or not we were accepted!

After all of the excitement for applying for a place to live, we headed out to the polls to exercise our American rights! I am not going to tell you which way we each voted, but I can tell you that our presidential votes cancelled each other out.  I am definitely happy with the results for all of the proposals in Michigan and look forward to seeing what new changes come in the next four years!

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