Tuesday, November 6, 2012

October 28th - or our actual anniversary!

I was so full from Carbfest, that I seriously felt like I could not eat any more food.  But what is an anniversary, if there is no cake?
We ended up with both a cake and a pie for our anniversary that were provided by our cake and pie companies we used for our wedding last year. 
Our Sunday started out with us grabbing breakfast at a local diner called The Stuffed Bun.  I always order the pancakes and it is always too much food for me.  However, they are the fluffiest, most delicious pancakes I have ever had at a diner.  If you are ever in the Detroit area and have some time to kill, I would recommend The Stuffed Bun for a place to grab a bite to eat.
After breakfast, we headed out to get our free pie from Achatz in downtown Oxford.  We ended up with pie for our wedding because neither one of us are huge fans of cake and pie seemed like the perfect trade off for a fall wedding.  I never would have guessed the WIDE variety of pies we could choose from.
I had to hold onto that coupon for a year! I am pretty proud of myself that I was able to keep track of it, and we could use it on our actual anniversary.
For our pie, we ended up getting a Canoli Pie (which is my favorite) but there was no way we could eat all of the cake and all of the pie, so we went to our parents house to share in the deliciousness.
Question of the Day:
What is the longest you have held onto a coupon?
Was it worth the wait?
Random fact: Our cake is displayed in the sample book at the place we got our cake from!

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