Sunday, March 24, 2013


Hello Blogger World! I am SO sorry for my lack of posting over the last 10 days.  Life has been crazy to say the VERY least.  

On Thursday March 14th, I surprised Justin for a special date night.  I decided to be gushy and plan it because we had been married for 500 days! It's crazy to think that we've been married that long.  I look forward to many small anniversaries with him.

For our date, I decided it would be fun to recreate the night he proposed but without a few of the steps.  When he proposed, he took me to Build-a-Bear to get a stuffed animal then took me to the Melting Pot for dinner.  After dinner, we went back to his parents house where he surprised me with a mini engagement party, such a wonderful night.  So for our date, I took him to Build-a-Bear and the Melting Pot.

Justin picked a green teddy bear with clovers on it that he aptly named "Lucky".  I love going to Build-a-Bear because they make it such a fun adventure every time you visit their store.  Honestly, it would be the perfect place to have a birthday party for a little girl (which is why I love it so much - such a kid at heart)

After Build-a-Bear, we headed out to The Melting Pot.  Have you ever been to The Melting Pot? It is such a fun fondue restaurant and the food is absolutely wonderful! Such a treat!

For dinner, Justin and I did the Fondue for Two which included two types of steak, shrimp, chicken and ravioli.  I would have to say my favorite was the steak and they have this wonderful "Green Goddess" sauce that is to die for.  It's specifically meant for the beef, but I always put it on EVERYTHING.  Yummy!

After dinner we chose the traditional chocolate fondue that is chocolate and peanut butter! I was so full that I was not able to eat more than a few bites of the dessert! 

After dinner we had planned to see Oz the Great and Wonderful, but that did not happen because we were both in a food coma, but it was SO worth it! 

Questions of the Day:
What is your favorite restaurant?
What is your favorite thing to do that is geared more toward little kids?

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