Friday, May 17, 2013

Townsend Baby Shower - April 27

Hello! Oh my goodness I cannot believe how quickly time has slipped away from me! As you can guess, life has been just a tiny bit hectic, but I will do the very best I can to catch everyone up and fill you in on the on-goings of my life! 

It has been an exciting year for my mom's two best friends, Tracy and Melody! Both of their daughters are pregnant, both are having boys, both are named Rachel and both are due in July! I'm sure you can imagine my mom's jealousy/excitement that her best friends are becoming grandma's this year! 

A few weeks back, my mom and I helped Melody get ready for Baby T's baby shower.  Melody had the cutest theme picked out and asked for our help setting up the candy buffet.  At our wedding, we had a wonderful candy buffet that my mother-in-law made for us that was super delicious.  But those beautiful vases have been sitting waiting to get used for the past two years until now!

Our Candy Buffet

Melody asked my mom and myself if we'd be willing to do a candy buffet for the baby shower and of course we said yes!  The colors were blue and green and we had blast picking out the candy and organizing the jars.  (Special thanks to my mother-in-law for letting us borrow all of the vases!)

Overall, the shower was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

Each chair sash was tied into the shape of a men's necktie and pinned with a pair of baby feet! It is definitely the tiny details that make all of the difference.  

The drinks we were served were blue and green Jones soda, water with lemon and hot coffee.  I managed to grab a picture before the drinks were all ready, but even the presentation here was wonderful! 

Melody spent so much time working out every last detail from the ultra sound picture on the Jones Soda to the matching tie banners, matching tie chair sashes and matching bunting.  She even went so far as to match all of the picture frames to the entire theme.  Such a well though out and put together shower and the food was wonderful! I am so sad that I forgot to grab a picture of the fruit salad and quiche.  Yummy!

From left to right: My mom, me, Tracey, Rachel B, Rachel T & Melody

The Hostess with the mommy and daddy to be
 And as always, my favorite part of the shower is the gifts! I LOVE watching mommy and daddy-to-be open their gifts and see the smile on their faces as they are experience all of the tiny onesies and knick knacks that come along with having a little one! 

Overall, the shower was wonderful and I look forward to meeting Baby T when he arrives this July!

Congratulations Rachel and Josh! 

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