Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Another Fun Baby Shower!

Hey Everyone!

As you all know, I love baby showers and when I got the opportunity to go to another baby shower I was super excited! This shower was for my mom's other best friend, Tracey's, daughter.  It is so crazy that both of my mom's friend's daughters are pregnant and both are due in July.  

This bridal shower had a nautical theme and her mom and sister did an excellent job paying close attention to the details of the shower.

Everything was so detailed all the way down to the mints they had on the table.  I always appreciate when people take time to pay attention to the small details.

For the lunch we had this delicious pastry puff chicken bake thing.  I honestly do not know what it is called, but it was so good that I finished it in what felt like a minute.

It almost looks like a stuffed chicken breast in this picture, but it was a flaky pastry filled with chicken and all kinds of different vegetables.  And the best part about the meal is it wasn't too heavy.  Well, until I had dessert anyway.  

After the meal, we played your traditional left/right story game and a few other small games and finished the afternoon off by watching the mom and dad to be open all of their gifts.  Of course my mom and I had to get her a gift from my mother-in-laws business which I was very excited to give to her.

Everything was Nautical themed to match the nursery and she absolutely loved everything.  If you're interested in buying this quilt, check out the Etsy shop: Infantly Cute Boutique!

Congratulations Rachel and Billy! 

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