Thursday, June 6, 2013

Mom's 55th Birthday Celebrations

Hello everybody! I trust that your week is going well and that you have had a wonderful week.  I still fee like I am always playing catch up and desperately need to keep the ball rolling.

Today we are going to talk about my mom's birthday! She turned the big 5-5 this year and I think she is handling with grace.  Honestly, I have never felt my mom to look even remotely close to her age.  She does an excellent job taking care of her self.

The Monday before my mom's birthday, her best friend and I schemed to throw a mini surprise dinner.  The plan was for my mom and her two best friends to go to P.F. Chang's for dinner until Melody realized that we should be inviting more people to celebrate, so she had me call a few people and I grabbed some balloons and decorations as a surprise.

I managed to grab a picture of her as she walked into the restaurant, but I don't think she knew what was happening until she saw me standing there with the camera.  

On top of the balloons that I got, I found a matching tiara and wand that said, "Another year of fabulous".  I was rather surprised when I went to the party store that there was no "55" balloons or decorations.  I guess only the significant years count.

Because this was just a mini birthday celebration with her friends, I celebrated my mom's birthday again the weekend after.  Mom wanted us to go to church and out to lunch for her birthday, so Justin and I made our way up to their church and out to lunch. 

Last year I started a tradition of baking cakes for everyone as a birthday present and this year my mom asked for an angel food cake with whipped cream and strawberries, and that is exactly what she got.

Angel food cake is definitely a different cake to make.  I will make sure to share the recipe soon so you too can make the cake.

Mom made sure to reuse her balloon, want and tiara as we sang happy birthday to her! I'm so glad she got so much joy out of those gifts.

Happy 55th birthday mom! I love you!

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