Friday, July 12, 2013

Bridal Shower for Jamie

Oh my word it has been WAY too long! I am so sorry! As you can guess my life has been absolutely crazy for the last few weeks and with the holiday in the mix, everything got thrown off.

A few weeks back, I went with my mom to celebrate my cousin, Jamie's, bridal shower.  She is having her wedding at a barn out in the thumb of Michigan so you can imagine that her shower was rustic themed.

For lunch, we had chicken salad sandwiches, fresh fruit and veggies with an assortment of salads.  I only grabbed a sandwich and some fruit/veggies because I know I would be running off to the next event which was a graduation party.   

After lunch we played a few games like Bridal Bingo and The Purse Game.  I loved the idea that they used for Bridal Bingo though because instead of using your typical dots, they used an assortment of super cute buttons.  Such a neat idea.

Another fun game that was played was the "Who does it?" game.  For this game, the bride and groom switch one of their shoes.  The host then asks them a variety of questions about the couple (like who said I love you first?) and things the couple expects in the marriage (like who will do the dishes).  They then hold up the show of the person they believe did that thing first.  Obviously in the below picture, Jamie felt that Kyle was the correct answer.

 After the games, the bride and groom took turns opening gifts.  I ended up giving them a towel cake! Didn't it turn out so cute? I will make sure to share a tutorial on how to make this particular cake.

 Overall, the shower was super fun and super nice! I cannot wait to celebrate their wedding in the fall!

Congratulations Jamie and Kyle!

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