Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Dr. Keith A. Hinshaw

Hi All! Friday of last week was a crazy day for Justin and I.  

A few weeks ago, I was experiencing so much pain from my gall bladder, that I finally decided that it was time for me to go see a surgeon about getting the stupid thing removed.  So Wednesday of last week I called the office and made an appointment to meet with the surgeon on Friday afternoon.

Justin and I left work early to head over to the office and meet with the doctor.  I honestly was not sure what to expect from the appointment because I have never had a consultation with a surgeon about any type of surgery.  The last "surgery" I had was getting my wisdom teeth removed at 17 and I had nothing to do with the planning of that procedure.

Once we got to the office, I signed in and we waited patiently for the doctor to be ready for us.  Thankfully, Justin had his phone and could play games and there was a few magazines that I could check out while we were waiting.  Plus they had this handy dandy information packet about their office and the different types of procedures they do.

About 45 minutes after we checked in, the doctor was finally ready so we went back and talked with him about the surgery.  I have to say that I really appreciated how kind and how patient he was with Justin and me.  I'm sure he deals with nervous patients all of the time, but it felt nice that he acknowledged my fear. 

During the appointment, Dr. Hinshaw went over everything for me which included this handy-dandy pamphlet.  I never really knew the function of my gall bladder until I went to this appointment.  I guess the reason that I am experiencing pain is due to the fact that my gall bladder does not pump normally; instead, it spasms every.single. time. I eat.  Sound lovely right?

He also showed me the basics of what will happen when I get my gall bladder out.  I guess they will be removing the organ through an incision that is about 1/2" wide.  Can you believe that? 

After the appointment, Justin and I sat down and picked which date works best for both of us and we both decided on September 12th.  So there it is everyone, I will be getting my gall bladder out on September 12.

Question of the Day:
What kinds of surgery have you had?

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