Friday, August 16, 2013

Bachelorette Party #1

Hi Everyone! I am SO sorry for my absence over the past few weeks.  I promise I have not forgotten about the blog, I've just been rather busy.

Hopefully between today & tomorrow I will be able to catch up and continue filling you all in with fun and exciting information! So the first big event: My cousin Jamie's bachelorette party!

For her party, all of us girls drove up to Grand Rapids for the evening.  The plan was to go do pottery painting, have a Pure Romance party, then go out bar hopping for the night! It sounded like a super fun night and it sure was!

For the pottery part of the party, we went to Naked Plates where we each got to paint an item of our choice.  I chose the travel coffee mug because it seemed like the item I would be most likely to use in our home and it was in the right price range for my budget.  

I never realized how much actually went into pottery painting! Not only do you have to paint the item, but you have to put three coats of paint of each color that you do.  That means if you have a rather intricate design, you are faced with a ton of layers of paint.  But in the end, I'm sure the products will be awesome.  I can not wait to see mine at the wedding!

After Naked Plates, we all headed back to my cousin's house for a Pure Romance Party.  I have to say, this was one of the most fun parties I have ever attended.  If you are not sure what Pure Romance is, then make sure to check out the link.  Essentially, the best way to describe Pure Romance is: Romantic Aids.  I'll let your imagination do the rest from there.  

After the Pure Romance Party, all of us girls got dressed up and ready to head out to the bars for the evening.  We all hopped into a cab and went to Mojo's Dueling Piano Bar where we had a few drinks and danced before heading out to The Bob.

After dancing out butts off, we finally grabbed a cab back to my cousin's house for the night where we all promptly crashed! 

I had such a great time celebrating Jamie's last fling before the ring and I cannot wait to celebrate her wedding in a few weeks!

Congratulations Jamie!

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