Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Totally Awesome {Fort} Sleepover

Hey there! How is everything? I hope all is well!

You know how they say that as you get older, the things of your childhood are not as entertaining as they used to be? Well not for my girlfriends and I.  In fact, I would have to say that, if anything, we run toward doing "childish" things.  And we did just that a few weeks ago when we had a {totally awesome} fort sleepover.  

At our last get together, we were talking about how fun forts were when we were little and how it would be so amazing to build a fort and stay the night in there.  This then hatched the idea of planning a night where we could all stay over and build a fort just for the fun of it.  It only took us two months to plan, but here it is!

The fort literally went from one end of my living room to the other and was tall enough for us to be able to stand and walk around (until you got to the door anyway).  We had snacks, wine, coloring books, henna ink, beads for bracelets and a plethora of great movies to watch.

The building process for the fort was rather complicated because we did not really have too many objects that were tall and sturdy enough to hold the sheets up.  However, we got creative and used ribbon and pushpins to hold the fort up as tall as it could go.  At one point, Kimmy was standing on the table to get enough height to reach the ceiling.  

After the fort was finished, we made sure to string up some twinkle lights to add to the ambiance of the room.  We also made a sign to go up so that Justin knew that the fort was "girls only" or "The she woman man haters club" {special nod to The Little Rascals}.  

We also spent some time doing henna on our hands and feet, coloring in some coloring books and making bracelets anklets for us to wear.  You can see my henna and anklet below :)

As a group we always try to celebrate everyone's birthday, so we made sure to have a cake and a card for Danielle for her birthday ~yes a month late~ and she was totally surprised when I walked crawled into the fort holding a cake and a card.  I have to say, it is not easy to crawl with lit candles in front of your face.  Check that off the list of things to never do again!

And what is the fun of doing a sleepover without trying to grab a few good shots of everyone.  I figured out that my camera has a "face detection" feature on it, so you can set it anywhere and it will take a picture once it detects a face (or two depending on the setting).  So we tried out this {totally fun} feature by taking group pictures of all of us.

We definitely failed on that shot, but it appears that the camera will take a picture once it detects the right number of faces haha

And of course you have to throw in the silly shot!

We stayed up until 3:00 am talking about anything and everything before we all passed out one-by-one.  Of course, we did not get too much sleep because Leilah decided to try to jump on top of the fort from her tower, pulling it almost all the way down.  Such a great way to wake up at 8:00 in the morning.  Oh well! It was such a fun evening.

 I cannot wait to see what new adventures we will come up with in the future! 

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