Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Hello everyone! Happy Hump Day!

It is hard to believe that this week is officially half over because it seems to be just flying by!  This morning started off with the kitties driving me up a wall, yet being so adorable at the same time.

I was trying to get ready and they kept scratching at the door for me to let them in.  I had to grab a picture of them really quick because they were just looking like, "What do you want? Did we say you could look at us?".  Such a silly pair those two.  Also, this picture makes me laugh because Leilah literally looks huge compared to Frye which is not the case.  She is about half his size in real life so I giggled when I saw this picture.  It is amazing what perspective can do to the size of anything.

I am excited because the third book in a series that I absolutely love came out yesterday and Justin got it for me!  Have you read Divergent or Insurgent by Veronica Roth? If you have not, I would make sure to put it on your list of books to read for sure! The third book to the series, Allegiant, was released yesterday and so far it has been a good read! Once I am done with the book, I will make sure to share my thoughts with you all.

This Wednesday is not going to be a typical Wednesday for me because I am going to see Josh Groban with my mom tonight! She was able to get us tickets from Groupon for about $25 a piece which is a great deal.  Plus, the concert is at The Palace of Auburn Hills which is right by my apartment.  I cannot wait to go see him live, I have heard he is amazing so this will be a real treat.

Question of the Day:
Who is your favorite artist (singer, musician, etc) to see live?

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