Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Wedding Weekend Part I

Bryan and Jenny's Wedding

Hi Everyone! I trust the last week has gone well for you? I sure hope so!

I wanted to play catch up from the last month (or so) because everything got thrown off from the Surgery.  Before surgery, it seriously felt like Justin and I were running around like crazy people trying to get everything done.  Labor Day saw an exciting weekend for us as we made our way to two weddings on what felt like opposite sides of the state!

The first wedding we went to was for Bryan and Jenny.  Bryan is Justin's coworker (and friend) so we were looking forward to this wedding for a little under two years.

 We arrived at the venue right as their ceremony was starting, so we had to wait in the back for permission to join the rest of the group.  Their ceremony site was completely full, so Justin, Danielle and I stood in the back to watch the ceremony.  They had a traditional ceremony where they exchanged vows and did a sand ceremony to signify the joining of the couple.  Overall it as absolutely beautiful!

But honestly, my favorite part of the ceremony was the bagpipes.  I had never been that up close to bagpipes before and it was a treat to hear them and enjoy the interesting sounds that they made.

After the ceremony, we all filed inside to the reception hall where we were greeted with a cheese, fruit and cracker hors d'oeuvre.  We quickly lined up for our snack and grabbed a drink before heading to our table to get settled in for the evening{and of course we grabbed some pictures too!}.

 We spent the rest of the evening enjoying great company, drinking and dancing of course! The night ended with us doing the wobble and having one good dance before making our way home for the night.

Such a fun and exciting evening!

{Congratulations Bryan and Jenny!}

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