Monday, October 7, 2013

What do you think? + How to Make Your Own Social Icon Tutorial

Hey all! I trust you had a wonderful weekend! Mine was filled with a ton of fun and adventure, but I will have to share all of the excitement on a separate post after I continue catching up from the last month!

As you can see I completely revamped the blog! What do you think? I'm really liking the color scheme and enjoy how vibrant it comes across on both a computer screen and a tablet.  I always appreciate when a blog looks very clean and organized so I tried very hard to mimic mine after a few that I love.

Currently my three favorite blogs are: Peanut Butter Fingers, Mix and Match Family (she has several blogs and I love each and every one) and Little Baby Garvin.

I love each one of them not only for the layout that they use, but for the content.  Each has such a wide variety of topics and each has it's own personality.  I can honestly say that I look forward to reading each of their updates whenever I get a chance and I am always disappointed when I run out of posts to read.  I guess you can say it's my guilty pleasure.

If you take a minute to check out each of these blogs, you can see how my blog mimics each one.  My layout is very similar to each with the blog text in the center and the widgets to the side.  My color scheme is similar to Mix and Match Family and my pictures are similar to Little Baby Garvin.  But most importantly, the blogs are clean looking.  I hate going to a website and there just being stuff everywhere and you just don't know where to click {so frustrating} so I appreciate and admire how organized these three blogs are.  If you are looking for blog inspiration, I would seriously check each of these out!

Social Icons with Picmonkey

One of the biggest things I have noticed while reading blogs is that majority of them have the cutest social icon buttons! So of course I did some digging and came a cross a tutorial on how to make your own! I was very excited that I was able to make my own social icons fairly easily following this tutorial from Something Swanky.  Did these not just turn out super cute?

It really was not too hard to do and took my about ten minutes from start to finish.  I have always been envious of the blogs with the fun buttons and now I have some of my own! Make sure to check out Something Swanky and follow their tutorial as it was very helpful for me! Plus, I bookmarked the site for future reference!

Now it's time for me to head back to work, but I have some more exciting and fun updates heading your way!

Question of the Day:
What tutorials have you used to revamp your blog?

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