Monday, November 18, 2013

2013 {Thanksgiving} Mantel

Happy Monday all! Can you believe that the month is already HALF over and we are quickly approaching Thanksgiving? I am having a hard time wrapping my head around it.

Today I wanted to share my Thanksgiving Mantel with you.  If you can remember, a few weeks back I shared my list of Thanksgiving Tutorials that I wanted to try.  Well... I got around to doing some of them, but not all.  

So here are the things I was able to complete!

1. "Give Thanks" Canvas Tree from UCreate Crafts.  This project was a fun project that I did one afternoon while the girls were over.  While the project is not hard to do, it does take quite a bit of time to complete and you should plan on taking a few hours to get it done from start to finish

2. "Eat, Drink, and Be Thankful" printable from Five Heart Home.  All I had to do was print the sheet out and put it in a frame.  However, I did re purpose the picture frame from my Halloween Mantel by repainting it to dark brown with acrylic paint.  This allowed all of my artwork to match.

3. "Fall Fabric DIY Wreath" from Sweet Pea Pod.  For this project, I used the leftover fabric from the Give Thanks canvas tree and wrapped it around cut out cardboard pieces.  For the square, I used an almost empty cereal box and cut out a piece from each side and glued them together  The flowers are from leftover yarn from a baby blanket I made for Rachel's shower.  The lettering was made from leftover paper from my niece's 1st birthday party.  So basically, aside from the fabric I purchased for a different project, the project was free!

4. The "Sitting Scarecrow" from Pier One I purchased when I was out with my mom.  It added just a little flair to the empty spot on my mantel and it was fairly inexpensive.  They are currently on Sale for $9.98!

5. "Gobble 'Til You Wobble" Printable from A Spectacled Owl.  This printable was so cute that I could not pass it up.  Again, I had to do was print the picture and put it in the frame.  However, this frame was also re purposed from my Halloween Mantel and was painted orange to match the canvas.

6. "Happy Thanksgiving" Banner from Gerbera Designs.  This was also a printable form that you just print, cut out and hang up yourself.  I used a hole punch to punch two holes in the each flag then strung leftover ribbon I had from a previous project.

That is my Thanksgiving Mantel for 2013! What did you think? 

I'd love to see your mantels or other decorations that you've created for this festive Thanksgiving Holiday! If you'd like to share, please post a link to your blog / page and I will make sure to link it right into this post!

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