Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Blog Topic Idea Series: Part II

Happy Tuesday Readers! 

Here's another post with some fun ideas/topics for you to cover on your blog and ideas that I will hopefully cover here on RunwithJackabee!

+Tell a Story in GIF Form: This idea originated from TripleSEO.  The idea is to take an event in your life and fill it with GIFs of what happened.  Honestly, I love looking at GIF stories because they often are very comical.

+Host a Giveaway: Idea originally from The Dating Divas.  If you are looking for a way to drive a ton of traffic to your blog, then host a giveaway.  Often times you can find more success if you connect with several other blogs and all host the prize.  

+Share a Few Regrets: Courtesy of Secret Regrets.  In this post you can share a few of the biggest regrets you have in your life.  It is a great exercise for you and you can include your readers by asking them to comment anonymously what they regret.

+Host a Tour of Your House/Apartment: Inspired by Little Baby Garvin.  The idea here is to share what your living space looks like.  Readers really enjoy seeing your posts, but it makes it more enjoyable for them when they can actually see where these things are happening in your day-to-day life.

+Do a Handwritten Blog Post: Neat Concept from Random Tidbits of Thought.  This concept may seem a bit strange for everyone, but it gives the readers a chance to see you for who you are and gives them a chance to get to see you on a different level.  Write your entire blog post in paper and take a picture of it.  That will be your entire post.

So were you inspired? I sure hope so! I plan on incorporating these ideas sometime in the near future! Who knows, maybe they will show up next week.

Happy Tuesday! 

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