Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Infantly Cute Boutique's Very First Craft Show!

It's Tuesday! Where in the world did the past weekend go? I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that you enjoyed time with family and friends eating delicious food!

Today I wanted to share with you the very first craft show that Infantly Cute Boutique participated in! We have always done Mom2Mom sales and have been successful, but at the recommendation of several people, we decided it would be appropriate to try a craft show. 

If you have never been to a craft show, then I would totally recommend checking one out!  Plus, you can search by state for craft shows, so it will be super easy for you to find one in your area! 

The craft show we ended up going to is the State Road Elementary Arts & Crafts Show.  This show was recommended to us by another crafter we have worked with at the past two Little Beans Jeans events (both Spring and Fall).  She said this would be the perfect opportunity for us to try a craft show because it is an awesome show and the people are very friendly.  She was definitely right!

Of course, we could not go to a craft show without at least shopping around a little bit! We kept seeing people walk around with these super adorable wooden reindeer and Janelle and I kept asking over and over where they got them until we were able to locate the person and make our way over to his shop.  When we got there he had a small selection left and we made sure to grab a few for Christmas Decorations!

I ended up with two medium sized ones and three miniature ones while Janelle ended up with two large ones.  I got the aptly named "itty bitty" reindeer for my desk at work and the medium sized ones for decorations around our apartment.  Once I get them up, I will for sure share with you!

I also got a pretty wreath decoration made up of a vintage window frame and vintage ice skates.

Of course when I was trying to take pictures of everything, Leilah got all of in my business and had to sniff everything.  At one point, I wear she was going to grab an itty bitty reindeer and run off with it.  She is such a mischievous kitten and I love it.

The craft show ended up being one of the better sales that we have done.  It was so interesting to see such a different dynamic there versus the Mom2Mom sales, but I loved seeing all of the different reactions to our product.  I always enjoy watching customers take our products and mix and match them in ways that I would never have thought.  It is often the customers that give us great gift set ideas! 

The best part of this sale is 10% of every Infantly Cute Boutique sale in November is going to help raise money for treatment for a little baby boy with Leukemia.

Question of the Day:
Have you ever been to a craft show? What cool crafts have you purchased?

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