Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Blog Topic Series: Part IV

Hello Tuesday people! Thanks for checking in on the blog so late in the evening (I mean it is late for me).  Today I'm continuing on with my Fun Topics for You Blog Post series and will be sharing another five fun topics for you to use while you are blogging. 

+ Recreate an outfit from a pin on Pinterest and share how you did that with readers.  I have been wanting to do this with my girlfriends for a long time and thought it could be a fun thing to share with my readers.  The idea came up from reading Shull Family Blog and Pinterest Told Me To.  Here's a link to my Clothing Board on Pinterest.  Want to help me pick an outfit to try and recreate? 

+Share your favorite music playlists.  I saw this idea on PBFingers and loved it.  Take some time to compile your favorite playlist and share it with your readers! If you do not have a playlist, share your Pandora or iHeart Radio playlists with your readers.

+ Share your top 10 favorite apps on your phone.  I saw this on Lauren Conrad's blog and thought it was such a neat idea.  It is a way for the readers to learn something about you while getting the opportunity to check out some fun new apps.  

+ Just answer questions! Often times our readers have tons of questions about our day-to-day life and the best thing to do is just answer them in one foul swoop with a post dedicated entirely to answering questions.  See some examples here and here.

+ What's in My Bag Post.  I saw this idea on my friend, Danielle's, blog and loved it.  The best part is as a woman I carry many different bags.  You could share a makeup bag {like Danielle}, your purse, your gym bag, your baby bag or your briefcase! The options are endless! 

That is all for today's blog topic series! I hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday and have a wonderful Hump Day tomorrow! 

We are supposed to be getting snow again here in Michigan and I'm hoping so! We are heading to the U.P. to hopefully go snowmobiling this weekend! But just for fun, here is a picture depicting what the last week has looked like here in Michigan!

Is that not just too crazy? I took both of those pictures out of the window at my work almost exactly one week apart! Hello menopause, Mother Nature.  We are supposed to get more snow between tonight and tomorrow, but I doubt it will last long!

That is all for this post, but be looking for a DIY Photobooth Tutorial and another 2014 Challenge! 

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