Thursday, January 2, 2014

Braun Family Christmas - Repeating Traditions

Hello Again! This post is dedicated entirely to the Braun Family Christmas and the 20th (or so) annual cousin sleepover!

This year we continued our Christmas Tradition of spending the night at Grandma's house and our theme for pajamas was elves.  I came across these super cute pajamas on Pinterest and just had to share them with the world! They are a full one-piece set made of fleece and besides the belt being ironically too low on the waist, they are rather comfortable.  

 This year we ended up having our Braun family Christmas the Monday before Christmas because there was conflicts with scheduling which was hectic but also very fun.  We all got together (all 30+ of us) and had dinner and spent quality time together.  

After dinner, everyone made their way home except us girls and we spent the night playing a few games of our own and watching Elf.  I seriously love Elf so much! I ended up watching it a total of three times the week before Christmas and I would gladly watch it again given the opportunity.  

After the movie, we all passed out for the night all cuddled on the floor of my grandmas living room.  The next morning we spent time picking up my grandma's condo and had pancakes with bacon/sausage for breakfast {which is also tradition}. 

After breakfast, we all made our way to our home to get ready to celebrate Christmas Eve!

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