Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas Eve

This year we spent Christmas Eve with my family since last year we were with Justin's.  Because my brother, Jared, was not around for Christmas this year, we did a laid back dinner and went to church at my parents church.

Michigan has been seeing some crazy weather this past few weeks that left several thousand people without power the week of Christmas, but it also left us with some of the most beautiful scenery I have seen.

The basketball net was even frozen solid! Such a beautiful sunset on Christmas Eve but it sure was freezing outside!

 For dinner my mom made a homemade Pot Pie and it was super delicious! She just used a pie crust and filled it with cream of chicken soup, cooked chicken and mixed vegetables.  It is such a simple recipe but it was very delicious! 

After dinner we made our way to my parents church for a very special Christmas Eve service.  This year was extra special too because both my parents and my in-laws were there.  It was so nice to celebrate with everyone at the same church.

Typically the church does a candlelight service, but this year they did something different.  This year they brought in a children's choir from Durban, South Africa.  It was so awesome to hear these children sing and it filled my heart with joy to see the opportunities that are being provided to them through the efforts of a small group of people.  If you are interested in checking them out, check out the video below! I will also provide a link for you in case you are interested in checking it out further.

After church Justin and I made our way home for the evening and made sure to snag a few pictures of our very festive Christmas outfits.  Justin wore his green golf pants to show his festive spirit and I was not too sure how I felt until I saw how handsome he looked.  I always appreciate when he dresses up.

Once our pictures were done, we got ready for bed and went to bed with excitement in our hearts for Christmas morning! 

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