Monday, January 13, 2014

Happy Birthday Justin!

I just wanted to do a quick post to shout out a happy birthday to my wonderful husband, Justin! He turns 27 this year and I am convinced that he is never going to age a day {but honestly, I'm glad}.

Justin has always been a bit of a stinker when it comes to celebrating his birthday, so this year we did not do anything too exciting to celebrate.  Friday night we went to see Hercules.  Overall, I really enjoyed the movie.  It has action, romance and hot men, so it got an A+ in my book.  Saturday we spent the day at home relaxing and he went to try out some new golf clubs that he is interested in, and on Sunday we celebrated with his family with pizza and cake.

I made sure to quickly put up some decorations so that we could feel festive for Justin's birthday! I found this super cute banner on Pinterest and had to make some fans to match it.  Thankfully, I had a few fans leftover from my cousin, Nicole's, bridal shower.  The green ones I threw together quickly and finally said goodbye to our Christmas Decorations.

I also tried a new recipe {one of my challenges I will later reference} from the awesome Better Homes and Gardens Baking cookbook Justin bought me for Christmas and I am excited at how nicely they turned out! The recipe is for Island Bananas Foster Cupcakes and I was a bit nervous to try them, but what is the fun in only staying with what you know? The only thing that was not my favorite about the cupcakes is that they have coconut in them.  I love the taste/smell of coconut, but the texture is a whole other story.  Maybe if I make them again, I will pass on the coconut inside the cupcake on half of the recipe.  I also substituted the Rum with Rum Chata in the topping and it turned out delicious! 

Our day ended with us hanging out at home playing video games and enjoying some quality time together! Plus, as the birthday boss, he got to decide exactly what we do, and this was his choice! We're going to go to dinner later this week to do some proper celebrating.

Happy Birthday Justin! I love you! 

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