Friday, March 28, 2014

Things I'm Loving Friday II

Happy Friday Everyone! I cannot believe how quickly this week has flown by! And Michigan is starting to see a bit of warmer weather than we have in the past month.  Now if only we could get it to stick around for a while! 

I ran out of dry shampoo last week and needed to find a quick replacement.  I found several options at my local CVS, but after reading several horrible reviews of other products, I was excited when I saw this one had a ★ review.  I tried it and it worked pretty well! I cannot wait to try it again when I'm not planning on wearing my hair back for the day.

This winter has been brutal for my lips and skin in general and this chap stick has been a lifesaver! It is light and smells good while taking good care of dry lips.  They have other flavors that I like quite a bit, but this one has seemed to work the best for me this far.

  • The beautiful clouds we have been seeing! 

Sorry for the blur on the picture.  My phone was having a bad day when I snagged this picture but I just could not pass up sharing these beautiful clouds with you! Michigan has been so dreary and gray this winter so when the clouds come out to play, everyone gets very excited! 

I loved this nail polish when I saw it in Danielle's collection and just had to try it out.  With the sunshine coming out, it seemed like the perfect color to start channeling my inner Spring personality.  It is a bit brighter than I would normally use on myself, but it seems to be perfect for the Spring! 
Oh my gosh.  I laughed way too hard at this picture  when I saw it.  I think I found it so funny because it is true for so many of us.  I honestly do not know anyone who can do a "sexy lip bit" and when I saw this it nailed it right on the head.

  • Tell You Time Giveaway Winner
          I am moving the giveaway back by a week to allow people more time to enter for a chance to               win!

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