Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Weekend Adventures

Happy Fat Tuesday everyone! I am struggling to believe that we have already reached March and that we will be starting Lent tomorrow! This year is quickly flying by.  My coworker brought in paczkis for everyone to eat and I made sure to get my favorite: lemon!

If you are super confused as to what in the world a paczki is and have no idea what I'm talking about, take a look at this link to get some background on Fat Tuesday and paczkis.  It is such a wonderful, delicious, jelly-filled tradition.  Yummy!

This past weekend, Justin and I made our way up to a friend's cabin for the weekend and we had a blast! On Friday after work, we all met up at my parents house before heading out for the weekend.  About maybe ten minutes into our trip, we had to pull over because some guy was waving at us like a maniac.  Turns out we had left the back of the truck open... whoops.  At least we only lost a gallon of orange juice.  The rest of the trip up went smoothly and we got there in time to relax and have a fun evening playing Euchre.

Of course, I had the perfect hand for clubs, and my partner called Hearts! That was a rough hand to say the very least.  Altogether we played three games because the wins were tied and the guys ended up taking it all.

On Saturday we slept in a little and had a wonderful homemade cowboy breakfast with hashed browns, egg whites and dairy free cheese.  Once everyone was up and fully awake we made our way out on the snowmobiles.  Can I just say, what in the world?! 

About twenty minutes into our trip, we went over a mount of snow which lead us to the snow piles of death.  Or at least that is how it felt.  Josh made it up the hill with out too much issue, Caroline made it up the hill but got stuck at the top, I made it a little ways in before the snowmobile started tipping over and I had to jump off of the machine.  Thankfully, the snow was about three feet deep and mostly fluff, so I had a soft place to land on.  However, the snow caked into my visor from falling off was not very pleasant, but it was rather comical. 

The snow was so deep and so fluffy that we were struggling to just move around and eventually all gave up because we could not move very well.  But we were able to get the sled out and get me un-rattled and head on our way.  Because of how deep the snow was, we ended up only going for a little over two hours before heading back to the cabin to make lunch and relax for the evening.

Saturday evening was spent playing more games and relaxing around the fire because it got super cold in the cabin.  Michigan is still not out of the deep freeze and it's looking like we will not be out of it for a while.  My fingers are crossed that we see Spring weather no later than Easter next month.  

Sunday we spent making breakfast and cleaning up the cabin before heading home to take care of the kitties.  We had such a nice time up at the cabin and I really hope we can make our way up there again sometime soon!

Question of the Day: 
What is your favorite flavor of paczki (or if you're not from around me, jelly-filled donut)?

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