Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Celebrations + Weekend Recap

Happy Day after Easter Everyone! I trust you had a lovely weekend and had as nice of weather as we did here in the Mitten! 

This weekend was filled with family, friends, chores, nail painting and baking and it is exactly how I would have wanted to spend my weekend. 

On Saturday, I had my last day of class in the morning {thank the Lord} and it was probably the hardest day I had yet because I barely slept Friday night and there was no good things for breakfast.  Our professor quickly went through the remainder of the material so we could be done by noon and I am glad he did.  If you live in Michigan and are looking for a Project Management course, I would recommend the one provided by Oakland University.  It's a great course and the professor is wonderful!

After class, I ran home really quick to pick up a few things before making my way to Yates Cider Mill to meet Wendy.  I was so excited that they were open because I LOVE cider and donuts and it is something that we can really only get in the Fall, but Yates opened up for a month to do a Spring Press.  Of course I had to make my way over there!

Wendy and I went for a walk by the Cider Mill and I managed to get a sun burn on my face, first one of the year and definitely not the last!

After the cider mill I made my way to the grocery store which was a bad idea because Meijer was crazy busy with people getting ready for their Easter lunches the next day.  Of course, I knew if I did not go on Saturday I would likely not get to go until several days later, so I braved the crowds and got my groceries.

After the grocery store I went to my parents house for dinner and spent time with my mom and her friend Amelia baking a cake and painting their nails.  Of course, I used the most delicious chocolate cake recipe ever and some vanilla frosting from the grocery store.  Normally I would make the frosting from scratch, but I just did not have time.

Easter Sunday Justin and I went to church with my parents then had lunch at their house! And Danielle came to lunch too! 

I did not manage to get any pictures of Justin because he was being a sour puss for most of the day (he was not feeling well).  However, I did grab a few pictures of Danielle and I but that is about all the pictures I got.

After everyone left, Danielle and I helped my mom clean up from lunch, then we painted our nails (again? I know!) for the second time in a weekend.  She did "Beach Cruiser" from Orly and I did "Find me an Oasis" from Essie.  Danielle and I have been building our nail polish collections together and we have been having so much fun comparing polishes and making trades with each other.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter with your families! 

Happy Easter!

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