Thursday, April 3, 2014

#jackabeedaily2014 Week 13

It's Thursday again! Where did the past week go? I seriously feel like I was just doing this post yesterday.  The last week has been so fun so I cannot wait to share these pictures with you! 

Day 87: I ordered 15 bottles of Essie nail polish off of Poshmark for $64 but because I already had money in the account from sales a while back, I ended up only spending $35! 

Day 88: More fun kitty pictures that remind me too much of my kitties.  If you want to see other cute kitty pictures, check out this link here.  

Day 89: I ran into Uncle Vernon from Harry Potter... well not really, but he sure does look like him doesn't he?

Day 90: My work celebrated the Tiger's Home Opening Day with Tiger's Attire, hot dogs and other fun snacks! Plus, the Tiger's got us a win for their first home game of the season!

Day 91: I finally beat my high score of 16 on Flappy Bird by 8 tubes! I am always overly excited when I bet my high score! How high have you gotten?

Day 92: My Essie order came in the mail! So excited about the new polishes and I cannot wait to try! Interested in buying some yourself? Check out Nirali's Closet, she has all kinds of wonderful things for sale! 

Day 93: After all of the beautiful weather we've been having here, Michigan has decided that it is not quite ready and dealt us a cold weather and gloomy day again... Come on Mother Nature, we're ready for Spring! 

That is it for this week! 

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