Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Weekend Fun Times

Happy Tuesday Everyone! I hope everything is going well for you and your week has gotten off to a great start and continues going well for you!

This past weekend Justin and I were busy doing our own things - him golfing and me crafting/spending time with my girlfriends.  Over the years, I have desperately wanted to make a scrapbook because I think they are such a neat way to keep track of the fun things that happened in life.

If you can remember, Danielle gave me a SmashBook for Christmas and I finally got around to filling it with pictures while we were at Aunt Margy's on Saturday! Danielle had the intent to make her mom a Mother's Day card, but instead she helped me scrapbook all of the pictures that I had printed at CVS.

Have you ever used the CVS Photo app? It is pretty and very easy to use! Majority of my pictures are taken with my iPhone, so it was was nice to set everything up quickly and have them ready for me within a few hours to be picked up on my way home from work.  Granted, a few pictures printed wonky, it was definitely worth the $.12 I paid per picture at CVS + the convenience.

We stayed at Aunt Margy's house rather late {I think we ended up leaving around 9:30} so I basically crashed when I got home.

Sunday Justin and I decided that we needed to spend some time together, so we relaxed around the apartment catching up on some of the shows that we are behind on.  I feel like I am constantly catching up on my shows because I am either at the gym or busy doing something else when the shows I like come on t.v.

Sunday evening was dedicated to spending some time with my girlfriends and celebrating Caroline's Engagement to Josh! Originally we were going to color some eggs in honor of Easter, by silly me forgot to get the coloring kit before everyone arrived.  So instead, we ended up hanging out and painting nails.

My nails are the turquoise and white ones! The original plan was to put polka dots on the nails, but Danielle had to leave and my dotting skills are less than exemplary so they ended up being plain but still very cute.  For my polish, I used "Turquoise and Caicos" from Essie and "French White" by Nina Ultra Pro.

This is what happens when you decide to take the polka dots off of your nail.  We laughed pretty hard because it just looks so ridiculous!

Because this was the first time we had all seen Caroline since she got engaged, we all pitched in a got her a little engagement gift and all signed the card.  She ended up with two bridal magazines, a bottle of champagne and a cute card.  She was very surprised and loved it all!

Question of the Day: What is your favorite brand/color nail polish?

My favorite brand is Essie, but right now I do not have a favorite color.

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