Monday, May 19, 2014

Birthday Celebration with My Family

The past week and a half has seriously been a continuous celebration of me turning 25 and I have been feeling extremely blessed by my family.

My mom and I have a tradition of going to get pedicures for our birthdays since they both fall in May, so the morning of the birthday dinner we met for Weight Watchers, grabbed breakfast, then went to get pedicures at a place not too far from my apartment.  I love getting my toes done because they always look so nice and the pedicure looks great for a majority of the summer.

My family has a tradition of getting together for dinner to celebrate birthdays and we always end the evening with a cake made (or bought) specifically at the guest of honors request.  This year, I asked my mom if we could have steak and corn and potatoes for dinner because that is not a treat that Justin and I often get, and she obliged.  

My mom even went all out to set the dinner table with a pretty pink table cloth, pretty bone china and a pretty peony on the table.  I love when she decorates the table because she makes it look so pretty and they have such natural and beautiful lighting.  

For dinner, the men cooked up some steaks on the grill while mom and I made the corn on the cob, baked potatoes and Caesar Salad.  Everything was super delicious and so filling.  I even ate two baked potatoes because they were so delicious.  

After dinner, we enjoyed my favorite cake: Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake! I love this ice cream cake so much and my mom has been buying it for me for the last at least fourteen years! We also took some time to open gifts and my family got me some of the sweetest gifts that I am so excited to use/wear! 

After cake and gifts, Justin and I hung out for a while before making our way home for the evening to feed the cats.  

Question of the Day: What birthday traditions does your family have?

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