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Eight Fears

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you have had a great week and have a fun weekend ahead of you! 

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Today's post is going to be another segment of the 10 Day You Challenge.  This one is going to be a bit difficult for me since I generally keep my fears to myself, but I guess the best way to defeat them is to face them right?

Day 3: Eight Fears

1. Small Spaces

This is definitely a fear of mine that I have struggled with for a long time.  Whenever I get in small spaces, I tend to get short-winded and have a hard time rationalizing that everything is okay.  

2. Losing an Immediate Family Member

When I think about someone in my immediate family no longer being part of my life, I get extremely sad and feel a little lost.  I grew up constantly surround by family so the thought of them not being around anymore is something that I am afraid of.  I fear I will not be able to adjust after I have lost them.

3. Spiders/Bees

Last week I had a spider on my shoulder and I seriously felt like I was going to die.  They scare me so badly I literally freeze in my tracks and cannot function.  Again, I know this fear is irrational, but when it comes to spiders I am crippled with fear and  I cannot even

4. Unknown

Lucky for me, almost everyone is afraid of the unknown.  I am a planner.  I always have been and I always will and it really bothers me when I cannot "be prepared" for things that I do not know.  However, I have been learning that sometimes not knowing what to expect brings the most pleasant surprises.

5. Needles

If you have read my blog for some time, you should remember my fear of needles that I mentioned when I got my bone scan last year.  This fear has been slowly diminishing over the last few years because of how many times I have had to have blood drawn or had an IV, but I still get nervous whenever I see a needle.

6. Failure

Like I mentioned above, I really do not like to have things out of order in my life and the fear of failure has been one that has bothered me more so in the last few years but has always been a struggle.  For me, there is nothing more disappointing than failing and there have even been a few occasions when the fear of failing actually caused me to fail.  This is another fear I have been working on and will continue to work on for quite some time.

7. Zombies

I honestly feel a bit foolish about this fear because I know how unbelievable irrational it is, but it is something that I fear subconsciously.  Over the past few years, every time I have seen something with zombies in it, whether its a video game, movie or t.v. shows, I have nightmares that I am trying to survive a zombie apocalypse.  Luckily in my dreams, I always wake up before they get me, but I am seriously bothered all day by the dream.

8. Raising a Child

I know that this is also a very common fear.  Raising a child is such a huge responsibility (even more so than having a pet, and they are a handful to begin with).  I know that I want to be a mom, there has never been any question of that, but I am afraid that I will be a "bad mom".  Thankfully, I have seen Justin interact with babies/kids so I know at the very least one of us will be a good parent. Ha!

Question of the Day:
What are some of your biggest fears?

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