Friday, June 27, 2014

#jackabeedaily2014 Week 25

Happy Friday Everyone! I trust you have had a wonderful week and have an exciting weekend ahead.  I am going to spend the weekend studying for the CAPM exam and relaxing.

Day 171: Optimus and Bumblebee paid a visit to my office today and it was pretty neat to see them in person! 

Day 172: Happy Birthday Sarah! I hope your 25th birthday was amazing! 

Day 173: We went Strawberry Picking today for my mother-in-law's birthday and the weather was perfect! 

Day 174: I saw this and thought it was super adorable.  I love kitties and the mouths made them so much more hilarious.

Day 175: I spent the majority of my day moving into a new desk.  Check out my new digs!

Day 176: Justin and I spent the day at home with a bad case of food poisoning.  I had to laugh when I ran across this today.

Day 177: At home date night with this guy.  I love him so much!

What exciting things have happened for you in the past week! I'd love to hear from you all! 

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