Monday, June 23, 2014

Strawberries and Sunshine

Happy Monday Everyone! 

I trust you had a wonderful weekend filled with fun and adventure! My weekend was a bit crazy but it was also a ton of fun! 

Saturday morning I went with Janelle to help with a Mom2Mom sale for Infantly Cute.  The show was very nice and we met some pretty awesome ladies while we were there.  After the show, I made my way out to the mall to do some shopping for Sarah's birthday gift before heading home and relaxing for a little bit.  

Saturday evening, Sarah, Danielle, Beth and myself went out dancing and it was so much fun! I love spending time with my girls and look forward to getting out again for a fun evening.

Sunday morning, Justin and I got up early to head out to the Strawberry Patch to pick some strawberries for my mother-in-law's birthday.  If you can remember, this is a tradition that we started a few years back and have continued doing because it is so much fun.

The weather was absolutely beautiful when we were out there.  It was in the mid-seventies and there was a slight breeze so you did not feel like it you were roasting in the sun.

Plus, the strawberries were SO beautiful! Justin and I ended up picking 29 pounds of strawberries between the two of us which we will be using to make pies, jams and freezing for smoothies.  In fact, if you have any good recipes for strawberries, make sure to share them with me! I will do a post on the blog when I try them.

After strawberry picking, we went to visit the animal and play on the playground with McKenna and JP and it was so much fun listening to them laugh.  The evening ended with us going out to dinner to P.F. Changs to celebrate and it was delectable.  I cannot wait to have my leftovers for lunch today!

Question of the Day: What traditions does your family have?

Happy Birthday Marcy! 

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