Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Blog Topic Series IX

Happy Tuesday Readers! I am going to try and pick this series back up because it seems to generate a  bunch of interest from you all.  Did you enjoy the Fall Decorations ideas? Has anyone tried the tutorials for themselves? I'd love to see what yours look like!

Let's get started with Part Nine of the Blog Topics Series!

+ Do a Collaborative Post with a Fellow Blogger.  Found at A BLOG ABOUT LOVE.  The idea is to take something that you and a fellow blogger are passionate about and talk about it.  Sometimes these also take the feeling of an interview post.  Either way works nicely.

+ Share a "Things I Wish I did Differently Post".  Found at Go Overseas.  The idea is to share with readers things you wish you would have changed.  The good thing about this post is that you can cover almost any topic.  For example: Things I wish I did differently in college, things I wish I did differently when planning my wedding, or things I wish I did differently at my last position.

+ Share a "How Not To" Post".  Idea found at Bold and Determined.  Again, the idea is to share ideas on how NOT to be something.  It is pretty straightforward.  However, it has endless possibilities of topics you can cover 

+ Top 10 Guilty Pleasures.  Idea found on Driftwood-Gardens.  Share you top 10 guilty pleasures with your readers.  Again, this topic can be covered in several different areas.  You can do a broader top 10 guilty pleasures or you can hone it in to specific areas like: TV, games, makeup, blogs, etc.

+ My Day Job vs My Passion.  Idea found at Dixie Brown.  The idea here is to share with your readers about your day job and how that compares to your passion - do they overlap or are they polar opposites? Something to think about.

So what do you think? Do any of these pique your interest? I sure hope so! If you decide to try any of these ideas, please be sure to share with me! 

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