Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Totally Awesome Fort Sleepover 2.0

Happy Tuesday Friends! How has your day been so far? Traffic into the city was not all that exciting today and I am definitely going to need my coffee this morning.

Do you remember last year when my girlfriends and I made a fort and had a sleepover in it? Well we did it again this year and let me tell you, it was bigger AND better this year thanks to Justin.

Last year when we did the Fort Sleepover, we were at home Macgyver's and used push pins and ribbons to hang sheets from the walls and even from the vaulted ceiling.  I think Justin realized how big of a struggle this was because he decided to build us a fort "frame" to build the fort with.

He used a bunch of different length 2 x 4's and put them together to make a basic frame then we took it from there! 

After the fort was put together and the twinkly lights were hung, we made sure to get your traditional sleepover foods ready for consumption! There was chips and cheese, popcorn, chocolate glazed donuts, candy, hummus, carrots, celery, and shirley temples with a twist.

Once the snacks were ready, we started watching some movies from our childhood - these included, Passport to Paris, John Tucker Must Die, and Princess Diaries.  We also made sure to paint our nails and spend some time laying around in comfy clothes.

Caroline was the first one to fall asleep, so of course we had to do something silly and take a picture of her.  We ended up putting a tiara on her head and taking a few pictures of her sleeping with the tiara.  

Overall, the fort was a huge success and fairly simple to build and take down the next day.

Here's to many more years of Fort Sleepovers with my girls!

Question of the Day: What traditions do you have with your friends?

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