Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Anniversary Trip to Niagara Falls

Happy Tuesday Readers! I hope your week has gotten off to a good start and you are having a nice day so far.

This past weekend, Justin and I made our way to Niagara Falls for the weekend as an early celebration of our 3-year anniversary.  On Friday after work, we hopped in the car to make the four hour trip to the Falls.  

If you can remember from about a year and a half ago, we visited Niagara Falls and some friends so this time around, we knew exactly what we wanted to do on this trip.  Justin had heard through a coworker that there is a Kate Spade Outlet store at a mall just on the other side of the falls, so of course we had to make our way over to the mall so I could do some shopping.  Because we had such a nice stay last time, we decided to stay at the same hotel as last time: The Courtyard Marriott.  I love this hotel because you can get a large whirlpool tub in your room for a very reasonable price - and trust me, I took advantage of the huge bathtub while I was there.  

On Saturday morning, we took our time getting ready before meeting up with Nick, Laura, and their son Ryder.  I was so very excited to see them because this is the first time we had seen them since they had their son about seven months ago.  Unfortunately, in all of the excitement in seeing them, I totally blanket on taking pictures of us with them.  Let me just say, their son is absolutely adorable.  

After a late lunch with them, we made our way across the Rainbow Bridge into New York to head out to the mall to do some shopping.  If you are ever in Niagara Falls, I suggest making a trip out to the Fashion Outlets.  The mall is huge and there are so many stores to shop in - it really is crazy.

After spending most of the day shopping, we made our way back to the hotel to get ready for dinner at Copacabana.  I love this restaurant and had been looking forward to eating there for at least two months.  They have some of the best steak I have eaten and their grilled pineapple is to die for.

On Sunday, we slept in and watched a movie before we made our way home.  Why does it always seem like the drive home takes forever? We spent the evening relaxing and getting ready for the upcoming week.

Question of the Day: What is your favorite Brazilian Steakhouse?

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