Thursday, October 2, 2014

#JackaBeeDaily Weeks 39 & 40

Happy Thursday Readers! For today's post, I will be share the last two weeks of #jackabeedaily2014 posts with you!

Day 261: BEST auto correct fail yet! What are these ginger games you speak of Danielle???

Day 262: Saw the Maze Runner with Danielle yesterday! If you weren't sure about it- I say you should go! 

Day 263: Road Trip! On our way to MA to visit family and see the pretty fall leaves 

Day 264: We made our way to the Roger Williams Zoo today! So awesome to see the animals and the baby anteater! 

Day 265: Had a wonderful evening in Cape Cod with my dad and Justin playing putt putt and eating clam chowder 

Day 266: Lazy day relaxing and being silly he he 

Day 267: Spend the day in Rhode Island exploring the #breakersmansion with Dad and Justin

Day 268: Another lazy day and that is exactly how we wanted our last day in MA to go :)

Day 269: look what we saw on our drive home! I've never seen one in person - SOOO weird.

Day 270: it was a very exciting day in our house! Justin got a new phone! 

Day 271: I am so excited about my SUPER cute sewing box from Danielle

Day 272: She snuck up on me.  I had no idea she was sleeping there for a good 30 minutes 

Day 273: I saw a Metropolis police car on my way to work today! 

Day 274: I borrowed this from @pickyourplum because it really had been one of those weeks!

What exciting things have happened for you in the past week! I'd love to hear from you all! 

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  1. Ha, that's awesome about the Metropolis police car! They're still filming in Detroit, last I heard (Batman v. Superman movie).

  2. so nice that you drove while you let your guy sleep hope you had a nice ride! It is always the reverse on our family road trips with my driving to the music of my wife's snoring ;-)

    1. Haha I usually do most of the driving between the two of us - I tend to get carsick, so it is just easier if I drive.

  3. I love living vicariously through you!


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