Friday, January 9, 2015

New Year. New You. #NoExcuses

Happy Friday Friends! I hope your week has been going well and you have some fun and exciting things planned for this coming weekend.  With Justin's birthday around the corner, we will be celebrating his birthday with our friends at our apartment with a game night, pizza and ice cream cake.  Nothing too exciting, but low key is how we do everything.

Have any of you noticed this little badge floating on the side of my blog?

I am proud to say that I am a member of the Sweat Pink Ambassador team.  What is Sweat Pink do you ask? 

About the #SweatPink Team
#SweatPink, also known by its parent company, Fit Approach, is a movement founded and run by two fabulous, ambitious cousins, Jamie and Alyse. Its main purpose? To build a sisterhood of women, dedicated to perpetuating fitness and health as legitimate tools and vehicles for female empowerment. In the words of the founders, "#SweatPink ambassadors believe that kicking rear is best done in pretty shoes, and that assertiveness, strength and ambition are the ultimate feminine qualities. We concede that sometimes it takes hours to get ready, but we’re also no strangers to just rolling out of bed and going. We’re convinced that we run faster in pink shoelaces. We believe in pushing ourselves, and we believe in giving ourselves a break, too. We’re all about the rush of endorphins and the thrill of the challenge. We’re all for looking great and feeling even better. We’re committed to finding our best fit, and making it stick."

Sounds pretty awesome right? I am awful excited to be part of this team and begin working on finding out what makes me tick in the gym alongside with some rather awesome ladies.

New Year. New You. #NoExcuses

How has your first nine days of the year gone? Have you kept up with your resolutions? Or are you like me and are just getting started preparing for them? Well, if you have a fitness goal for 2015, this is a great opportunity for you to get some extra motivation and join the #NoExcuses challenge.

About the Challenge:

We had so much fun holiday sweat’ing it up with y’all during the holiday season and hope you did too (long live #holidaysweat). But now that its January (OMG!) and we’re all back to work and daily routines, we realize we need more encouragement, motivation and support than ever before to arm ourselves to have the best year yet

Just because the holidays are OVER doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. Soooo, let’s keep the the motivation, inspiration, social sharing fun going and going and going. We invite you to join us for the #SweatPink #NoExcuses Challenge.  

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Each Sunday we’ll send you an email with weekly prompts (workouts, healthy snack ideas and more)
  • We ask that you share your answer or interpretation of those prompts daily via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, your blog, etc using #NoExcuses #SweatPink for a chance to win fun weekly prizes from brands like Augusta Active, ShowerPill, Beaming with Health….etc etc…
  • Each day, we’ll all share what we’re doing and how we’re doing it on our social channels and help each other stay accountable, motivated and on top of our goals.
  • Every Friday, we’ll send around an email with winners, prizes and our favorite Tweets, IG posts and blog posts from the week (hello, link love and social sharing!)

So what do you think? I'm hoping you will join the challenge with me and we can all have a year of #NoExcuses!

If you want to participate: join here

Question of the Day:
What are your fitness goals for 2015?

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  1. So glad you're joining in the challenge, yay! ;)


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