Friday, February 6, 2015

National Wear Red Day

Happy Friday Friends! I hope you have enjoyed your day thus far and are able to have a fun and relaxing weekend.  

My day started off a bit weird to say the very least.  I had an early meeting at work today that required me to leave my house before sun up (or 6:30 am) so that I could arrive on time for my 7:30 meeting.  I am not really a morning person but I am proud to say that I was able to get myself up and get going to leave by 6:30.  Everything was going smoothly until I got to The People Mover and things just did not go as planned. 

About half way between the station I hop on and the station I hop off, the car decided that id did not want to keep going and stopped right in its tracks.  Now, if you're not from around here, it may not seem like a very big deal, but the platform is at least 1-2 stories up so we could not just hop off the People Mover.  I was fortunate enough to have some company on the train so we just sat and talked while we waited for someone to come "rescue us". 

I have to say, I was laughing because they would announce that service would resume in six minutes then five minutes would go by and they would announce, "service will resume in five minutes".  It would appear that someone is not great at estimating time. 

After about fifteen minutes, a man just popped up and opened up the door to come and fix the car.  He must have walked down the tracks you see in the above picture because there was no other way to access us than through that very route.  He fixed the car and we were on our way to our destinations.  

Did you know that today is National Wear Red Day? If not, that is okay! Several of my coworkers and I all made it a point to wear red today in honor of National Wear Red Day and the American Heart Association

Downtown Detroit is also sporting red and hearts in support of National Wear Red Day.

Both GM Renaissance Center and the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan buildings were sporting some red in honor of today.  Plus, how cute is the heart for Valentine's Day?! I hope they keep it up for the next week to spread the love.  The Blue Cross Blue Shield always has these fun designs and it truly makes my day sometimes.  It is the simple things.  

Question of Day: 
How did you sport red today? 

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