Thursday, March 19, 2015

My doctor is a jerk....

... But not really.

Hi All! Happy Thursday.  Today I wanted to talk to you a little bit about health and wellness because I clearly am not doing well (according to myself and my doctor).

The Story

So last Friday I had my dreaded physical - you know, the one where you hope that the scale has a number less than last time you were there and your blood pressure sits exactly where it should be - yeah that one.  And let me just say, it did not go well.

^ This sums up what my doctor said pretty nicely actually.  

To be precise, she said, "At the rate you're gaining weight, you will be 300 pounds by the time you're 30".  Harsh right? The sad part is that she is right somewhat right.  I have not been doing well with my body image - weight, skin, etc. and something really needs to change.  Where she is not 100% right is that I will NOT, under any circumstance, allow myself to go any further at this weight.  

You are probably wondering why I am telling you this, right? Well it is because I need to make a change.  I can no longer be 200+ pounds and I am forcing myself to be accountable by sharing (rather publicly) what I plan to do to make a change in my life.  And I am hoping that by some miracle someone reading my blog will be inspired by my journey or maybe a reader could inspire me because you all are such a wonderful inspiration.

The Plan 

So here is what I am planning to do - Instead of having an Adoption Story Page {because there is not going to be any updates for possibly a long time} I am going to replace this page with something geared toward getting healthy.  Every week (I'm thinking Fridays) I will post an update to the page as well as a brief recap on a blog post.  I'm hosting 5 Things Friday again so I will probably do a quick weigh in for you all to see.  The goal is to do a #ShowMeYourScale post on both the blog and Instagram so you all can see my progress as well as participate if you would like.  I will take a picture of my scale so you can see the weight loss difference.  I will also be taking measurements but not every week - I think the change will be more drastic if I look at it from a monthly basis versus a weekly basis.  

Once I get everything up and going, I will make sure to share a post with everyone so you can all see what plan I have come up with and provide me with feedback on what I can do better.

Question of the Day:
Should I create a Facebook Group for people to participate in?

I'd love to hear from you!

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