Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Show and Tell Tuesdays: Favorite Room in the House

Happy Tuesday Friends! How was your first day of the week? I hope it went well and your week is off to a great start! 

Today I am going to continue with the Show and Tell Tuesdays segment from Andrea at Momfessionals.  

Justin and I live in an apartment, so there really are not too many rooms for me to pick from, but if I had to pick just one room, I would have to say it is our living room.  Justin and I spend most of our time at home in the living room, so I had to share this space with everyone.

Our living room actually is a dining room/living room combination so at one end of the room we have a bar height square table, then along the walls we have our couches.  Opposite of that is our entertainment center and two book shelves filled with DVDs and books.  

I love this space because it meets all of Justin and I's needs.  On an average evening, I will set up my work table (like you see in the above picture) and work on anything and everything that I need to accomplish while Justin plays games.  It is nice because we can set up our T.V.s side-by-side so I can catch up on my DVR shows (or watch live T.V.) while he plays games, which allows us to be in the same room but working on different things.  

Plus, we have this awesome cat tower that Justin built for Frye and Leilah, so we can all be in one space together - the cats on their tower and us either on the couch or in our work spaces.  Our little family in one space brings me great happiness.

Question of the Day: What is your favorite room in your house?

I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. Sounds like an awesome and functional room!
    - Erin (No Bohns About It)


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