Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Easter Weekend... a little late

 Hi Friends! How have you been? I clearly have been super busy between work and spending time with friends and family over the past three weeks and I am so sorry I have neglected you all!

This year for Easter I attended three different events to celebrate Easter: Passover Seder Dinner, Easter Dinner with the In-Laws and Easter Dinner with my Family.

Every year my friend and her family host a Passover Seder dinner at their home and I was so excited and so honored when they invited me to join them for the dinner.  I have never been to a Passover Seder so I was nervous/excited to learn something new about a different culture.

Altogether the Seder took three hours from start to finish.  We did participate in almost all of the traditional portion of the Seder.  It was so humbling to participate in something so sacred.

This year for Easter we had two separate dinners: one with Justin's family and one with mine.  The day before Easter we headed to Justin's parents home to have a delicious dinner and spend some time with the family.

After dinner the kids went on a "Treasure" hunt outside.  It was so cute because Justin's parents drew a treasure map for the kids that they had to follow around to find their Easter Eggs and then the big prize at the end.

It is always so precious to see children looking for Easter Eggs.  At one point an egg cracked open and my niece was so excited because there were skittles in there.  I do not think she realized that there were things inside the eggs until I heard her yell out, "Oooo kittles!".  The rest of the afternoon was spent playing with their toys and enjoying the company of Justin's family.  

On Easter Sunday we got dressed up and went to a local Church with my family.  After church Justin and I grabbed a Biggby Coffee on our way to my parents house before eating dinner with my immediate family and some extended family.  My family get together's are never a small bunch... in fact it's considered small if there are less than 15 people in attendance.  

This ^ is just the "kids" that were at the family dinner.  There is no such thing as an intimate gathering in our family. haha

Question of the Day:
What fun things did you do for Easter?

I'd love to hear from you!

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