Thursday, September 24, 2015

6 Things I Learned from College

Happy Thursday Friends! Last week I came across this list of fun blog topic ideas and thought it would be fun to try and do most {if not all} of the items on the list.  For today, I am going to share 6 things I learned in college.

1. It's good to make new friends 
If you had told me when I started college that I would be making some lifetime friends, I may have doubted you.  One of the biggest and best parts of college for me having my friends close by.  These are the people that you will spend time with, complain about classes with and really grow up with.  

2. However, it is also important to maintain your old friends
Making new friends is one of the best parts of going to college, but it is also important to work and maintain your old ones.  Today my friends are a mix of old and "new", but I find myself spending most of my time with my friends from High School.  There is something so comforting to know that these people know who you were before college, who you were during college and who you are now.

3. It is a time to try new things
One of the biggest things I did in college was make sure I tried new things.  At one point, I joined a fraternity, worked part-time and was on student government.  Turned out that the only thing I really wanted to do was work, so I did not do all of them for very long.  However, it was a good learning experience for me since I would have not known what I thought about the fraternity and student government had I not given it a try.

4. Travel is very important

While in college, I traveled to Italy and France with my best friend Sarah and it was honestly one of the best trips of my life.  Going to another country exposes you to so many exciting adventures and teaches you to be more open and accepting of other people.  Plus, the memories you make on trips like that are ones that will last a lifetime.

5. Do not be afraid to walk away from friendships/relationships that are toxic for you
One of the harder lessons I learned in college was knowing when it was time to walk away from a relationship that had turned sour.  I tend to hang onto relationships out of fear of change, but I realized in college that it was not healthy for me (or the other person) to keep trying to force a relationship that just was not working.  It is much healthier to walk away and remember the good parts of the relationship.

6. Pay of your debt as you go (or at least your interest)
Okay this one really happened more at the end of college and right afterward.  If I could go back and make any changes, I would make it a point to try and pay down my loans as I go.  Unfortunately, I really did not have a ton of extra money so I would not have made too much of an indent on the loans.  


Question of the Day: 
What advice would you give a person just starting college? 

I'd love to hear from you!


  1. What great advice, especially the last one. I wish I had been more aware of student loans when I was in college. I hate that I have so much debt, because I was under the misguided belief that a college education meant getting a well paying job was more likely.

    1. Thankfully I didn't walk away with too much debt, but I could have walked away with none if I had been a bit more wise

  2. These are great!! I didn't stay on campus, so making friends was difficult. To this day, I don't have any college friends. I'm glad you had such a good experience. It can be some of the best years!

    1. Commuting makes a huge difference in college. Someday when my kids are in school I will encourage them to go away and live in campus

  3. When I went to college (AGES AGO), I left my hometown and moved to a new state where I didn't know a single person. It really makes you break out of your shell and meet new people. My advice is to be friendly with everyone and do everything you can--you never know where you'll meet people! I met my hubby working as a waitress.

  4. Great advise! I'm going to read this over with our teenage daughter. I can't believe she will be headed to college in less than two years. #6! So important.

  5. Honestly, college isn't for everyone. I got my BBA, but now all I really have to show for it is almost $10K in debt...after almost 15 years. Try to discern your interests and plans before investing! LOL


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