Monday, September 14, 2015

Weekend Highs and Lows #5

Hello everyone!I hope you had a wonderful weekend filled with fun and exciting adventures  If you want more information about the party, please check out this post

Happy Monday friends! I hope you had a wonderful weekend filled with fun and exciting things! We had a busy and fun weekend filled with family time and it was just what I had needed.


On Saturday we got up early, got ready, and packed the car for a trip to the west side of Michigan for my cousin's wedding.  I love heading out to Grand Rapids so I was excited to drive the two hours and get back over there.

Since the reception was on the earlier side, we drove straight to the ceremony instead of checking into our hotel.  It worked out perfectly because we had about a half hour before the ceremony started and were able to get a seat toward the front of the church.  The ceremony was absolutely beautiful and I definitely cried.  There is something about weddings that bring me so much joy. 

After the ceremony, we had a few hours to kill so we tried to check into our hotel and go back to the room (more on that later).  After attempting to check in, we went to a local brewery to have a drink.  I tried a raspberry beer called "Blushing Monk" and it was delicious.  

After a few drinks, it was time for the reception.  We walked to the venue because it was closer than the hotel - and let me tell you - the venue was SO neat! It was at the Grand Rapids Public Museum.  I have never been to a reception like this one and it was so neat to see all of the different historic items they had.

Honestly, though, I think my favorite part of the reception was the carousel.  It was free to any wedding guests and I think our family rode it either six or seven times.  Talk about bringing out your inner child haha.

 I had a great time and would like to go back to the museum and actually see everything they have there!


Getting our hotel room was a complete disaster.  Because we knew we would have time between the ceremony and the reception, we decided we would wait to check-in until it was time to check in instead of trying to get early check in.

Boy did we ever make a mistake.  Upon our arrival, we were informed that the room was not ready and we would have to wait until the room was cleaned.  Apparently, so many people checked in early that the cleaning staff was unable to get the rooms done on time.  Obviously, I was not too thrilled because we had all of our stuff and no where to put it.  Plus, the front desk clerk was extremely rude to us when I started asking questions.

Honestly, it is probably the worse experience I have ever experienced at a hotel and I am not 100% certain I will be going back to the Amway Grand ever again.

Well that was my weekend! What did yours look like? Link up to the party below! 

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