Thursday, November 5, 2015

Frye the Conehead

Happy Thursday friends! I hope your day is going well... only one more day until Friday! I have been dragging this week and look forward to a relaxing weekend ahead.

In yesterday's post, I mentioned that Frye had to have a pretty major surgery while I was in Uruguay.  The day before I left, Frye had been consistently throwing up every few hours and seemed to be getting worse by the minute.

When I finally arrived in Uruguay, Justin had had a chance to get him to the vet to get blood work and x-rays.  When they got the x-rays back, the vet could tell that there was something in his stomach, but in order to open up his stomach just to see what was in there, it would have cost us $1000.  If they had to remove any items from there, we were looking at another $1000 + any recovery time.  At this point, I received a call from Justin saying that we had no other choice but to put him down because we did not have the money to do the surgery, let alone the recovery. 

Of course, I instantly started balling because I would not be able to say goodbye to my kitty {my baby} and I would not be able to be there for Justin during this difficult time.  

Fortunately, Justin called his mom to talk to her about everything, and they volunteered to help pay for the surgery and told us we would figure it all out afterward.  So Justin gave the vet the go ahead to open Frye up and see what was going on in his stomach.

This is what came out of his stomach.  40+ hair ties! Now, I have always known that Frye liked to play with the hair ties, what I did not know is that he was eating them.  So for the past two and a half years, Frye has been eating {and not digesting} hair ties.  

Thankfully, the vet was able to get all of the hair ties out of his stomach and intestines and we have now successfully disposed of any hair ties in our house.  From here on out, we will not have them around because we will not risk his life again.  For all of you pet owners out there, please heed my warning to not let you pets play with hair ties or strings.  You may think they are digesting them, but their tiny stomachs cannot handle the items.  Save yourself and your pet grief and pain and do not allow them to play with small items that they can swallow. 

Thankfully during my trip, Justin and I were able to FaceTime and I was able to see my fur baby and see how he was doing.  It really made it so much easier to be away from him as he was recovering.  I am also so grateful to Justin's parents for all of their help during this difficult time.  Not only did they help with the surgery, but they were a constant source of support for Justin while I was not able to be there.  I feel so blessed to have them in my life.  

Update since I've been Home: We took Frye to the vet on Tuesday, and they said he is looking good.  Due to an infection in between his stomach and his skin, they had to put a drainage tube to help relieve some of the drainage coming from the wound.  Thankfully, on Tuesday, they removed the drainage tube because he had so little damage and his fever was down.  We take him again tomorrow to have the vet that did the surgery look over his stitches and determine the next steps for his healing process.

In the mean time, he will continue wearing the cone and looking so silly and adorable.  As he recovers, I will be sure to share more updates with everyone.  

I'd love to hear from you!


  1. OH MY GOSH! I have three cats at home and I want to drive there this very minute and pick up every hair tie that I see on the floor and get rid of it. I cannot even believe this story. SO glad to hear that Frye is doing okay - well wishes and a speedy recovery :-)

    1. Thanks Torry! He is making a great recovery - now he just looks ridiculous because he is shaved in random places.

  2. Dang! That is a bummer about your cat eating the hair ties. Good vibes sent your way.


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